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   Lance, I was just reading a testimony from a couple in our church that I wanted to share with you. This is from when you were with us last May (2016). I'm so thankful for the many ways you have ministered, encouraged, and challenged Life Change Church.

   "We still struggled with having a baby, but we continued to praise God, stand on his promises, and believe that his timing was everything. I remember attending a Saturday night service. We had a guest speaker (Lance Ivey), his message was amazing, all about putting God first and living in His presence and letting things go. We went upafter and had him pray for us. And let me tell you it was life-changing. We had never met him before and he laid hands on us and began to pray. He said God was speaking through him and that we have been struggling for a child. I remember his exact words: 'I see things going around in circles and from this day forward I declare God’s glory and that things would go from point A to point B. this is your time.' 

   This really touched us as the events were coming more and more together. That evening was the night my wife became pregnant with our daughter! We looked back and wow…this was a total God thing, and it was just the beginning."

 Life Change Church, Muskegon, MI

    A great man of God said, "The stronger your base, the further your reach." My great desire is to continue to build a strong foundation in believers to reach the world, and that healthy churches founded upon the Word and Spirit of God may have the strongest impact in today's culture.

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Pon Tus Palabras A Trabajar 

$10.00  LIBRO--envío gratis en Estados Unidos ​

     Aprende a usar tus palabras diarias para transformar tu vida.  Pon Tus Palabras A Trabajar esboza y detalla cómo los creyentes deben usar su voz, liberar su autoridad y transformar sus vidas y las vidas de quienes los rodean. 

  • TEACH PEOPLE how to live better lives for a lifetime.
  • HELP PEOPLE develop their capacity to live and experience God's purpose in their life.
  • MOTIVATE PEOPLE to grow in spiritual maturity for personal, family and community benefit.​

Join with others in sending the Word of God into the prisons. 

   "Lance has a profound ability to easily present and teach God’s Word in ways that make it easy to become understandable, personal, and applicable.  His effectiveness in this is demonstrated with inmates reciting his teachings and applications of The Word by memorization. His rapport and presence within the prisons has always been welcomed with spiritual readiness and standing ovations."

​       Steve Young, Prison Ministry Director 

       Doors Of Compassion, Sapulpa, OK ​

  Lance Ivey is a full time traveling minister and teacher to churches, bible schools and ministries around America.  Lance has served as Executive Director of Heartland School of Ministry and Christian Education Director at Heartland Family Church in Irving, TX.  Lance was also Assistant Director and a full time-instructor at Victory Bible College while serving on the Pastoral Team at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, OK.  

   Prior to this, Lance taught in Rhema Bible Church's Healing School and helped pioneer the men's basketball program at Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, OK, winning two bible college National Championships.

Putting Your Words To Work is now available in Spanish.

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Anchored in the Rock!

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   For more than 20 years, Lance Ivey Ministries has devoted time, energy and action in passionately advocating for the Word and Spirit of God to maintain places of priority in the believer's heart and life.​​

  • 500 copies of faith building books into correctional facilities.​
  • Partnerships for two 2019 international trips.

  • Comprehensively enhance the ministry infrastructure, systems and processes.​​​